Scoring in GoTFFL will be computed to two decimal places. This will allow points to be awarded or deducted for every positive or negative yard and will dramatically reduce the chance of a tie game. Players are awarded fantasy points for each week that they are included in the team’s starting lineup. Players may only start at one position in any given week and will only be awarded points as described by their position distinction below.

Passing Yards1 point per 20 yards (0.05)
300 Passing Yard Bonus2 points
350 Passing Yard Bonus1 point
Passing Touchdowns6 points
Interceptions-2 points
Rushing Yards1 point per 10 yards (0.1)
100 Rushing Yard Bonus2 points
150 Rushing Yard Bonus1 point
200 Rushing Yard Bonus1 point
Rushing Touchdowns6 points
Receptions1 point per reception
Receiving Yards1 point per 10 yards (0.1)
100 Receiving Yard Bonus2 points
150 Receiving Yard Bonus1 point
200 Receiving Yard Bonus1 point
Receiving Touchdowns6 points
Return Touchdowns6 points
2-Point Conversions2 points
Fumble Lost-2 points
Offensive Fumble Return TD6 points
Field Goals 0-39 Yards3 points
Field Goals 40-49 Yards4 points
Field Goals 50+ Yards5 points
Point After Attempt Made1 point
Sack1 point
Interception2 points
Fumble Recovery2 points
Touchdown6 points
Safety2 points
Block Kick2 points
Kickoff and Punt Return TD6 points
Extra Point Returned2 points
Shutout10 points
1-6 Points Allowed7 points
7-13 Points Allowed4 points
14-20 Points Allowed1 point
21-27 Points Allowed0 points
28-34 Points Allowed-1 point
35+ Points Allowed-4 points
Negative Yards Allowed7 points
0-99 Yards Allowed5 points
100-199 Yards Allowed3 points
200-299 Yards Allowed1 point
300-399 Yards Allowed0 points
400-499 Yards Allowed-1 point
500+ Yards Allowed-3 points

5.1 Point Totals and Final Scores

GoTFFL will be hosted on yahoo.com and the custom URL is: http://football.fantasysports.yahoo.com/league/game_of_throws14. Head to head scoring will be determined each week by the stats from that website. From time to time, the NFL may go back and change the scoring of certain plays later in the week, however, to maintain a sense of fairness and avoid confusion in the league, all head-to-head scoring will be resolved as of Tuesday at noon Eastern. Any scoring changes that come out from the NFL after that time will not be applied to the league.