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2021 Keeper Player Values

Welcome to a new year in the Game of Throws league.  This year the NFL has added an extra week to the regular season so we will be implementing a 14 week regular schedule with the playoffs being played in weeks 15-17. Week 18 will not be played. All rule changes from last year will remain this year since covid could still be an issue during the season. For this year we will still have the expanded roster and expanded IR but any free agent acquisitions will still be valued at round 16, not 18.  Hopefully we can get back to normal next year.

Now for the Keeper Player Values. The following is each team’s final roster from the 2020 season along with their draft value if you decide to keep that player for 2021. Their draft values are based on where they where drafted last year, regardless of who drafted them. If a player was undrafted then they are worth a 16th round pick. A player with a value of 0 can not be kept. The chart below is sortable on the website or you can use the search feature to find your team name and display only your team. You can also download or print the chart. PLEASE let me know if you notice any errors.

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Rule Changes for 2021

Due to how complex keepers and trades have become I decided to simplify the rules to make my life easier managing the keepers and trades and your life easier understanding who can be kept and for how long. I also modified how the draft lottery will work.

You can find the rules that changed in the following sections: 3.0 League Setup and Competition and 4.0 Rosters and Lineups

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