Welcome to GoTFFL, the Game of Throws Fantasy Football League. This is a 12-team league that was formed in 2014 by Domenick Fariello who lives in New York. This league is considered a money league, and all owners are expected to pay their league fee before the draft begins. The GoTFFL is devised of three divisions. The names of the divisions are The Crownlands (formally The King’s Landing Division), The Westerlands (formally The Dothraki Division), and The North (formally The Winterfell Division). Teams were placed in a division randomly during the first draft in 2014 and are assigned to divisions based on draft order each year as outlined in 3.2 Division Makeup. This league is designed to be a competition between owners, but it is not a cut-throat league where anything goes. The rules described below are designed to act as a guideline for overall league play, and any disputes will be handled by the commissioner of the league. Please remember that the overall goal of this league is to have fun and enjoy the game of football. If there are any discrepancies between these rules and the yahoo host site, yahoo’s rules will govern. If you have any question or concerns, please do not hesitate to ask.

1.1 Executive Committee

The executive committee for GoTFFL consists of:

  • Commissioner: Domenick Fariello
  • Co-Commissioner: Antonio Fariello

The executive committee will be responsible for resolving all disputes that are not expressly covered by this constitution. If a committee member is involved in the dispute, that member will excuse themselves from the decision process. While all owners are encouraged to submit suggestions to the committee, the committee’s decision on all matters is final.

1.2 Living Constitution

It is important to note that this is a living, breathing constitution that will change and evolve over the lifetime of this league. Changes will happen between seasons as often as possible and will be effective from that point moving forward. If you have suggestions for changes, please submit them to one of the executive committee members.

1.0 League Overview  |  2.0 League Financing  |  3.0 League Setup and Competition
4.0 Rosters and Lineups  |  5.0 Scoring System  |  6.0 Off-Season Activities