Month: July 2015

Keepers 2

2015 Game of Throws Keeper Chart

The deadline has passed for everyone to declare their keepers for the 2015 season. The following keeper chart reflects what has been reported to the league.  Thank you for being prompt and good luck with the draft.

Once again, the draft date is Monday, August 24, 2015 at 7:45 pm and its located at the same place as last year.

If anyone wants a copy of the following excel sheet you can download it here.
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Last DAY to declare your keeper players

The deadline to declare your keepers is Friday July 31, at 12:00 am. That means you have to declare your keepers today before midnight. You can make and edit your selections up until 11:59 pm today (July 30, 2015).

How to declare keepers:

  1. Log into the Yahoo site here!
  2. If you have not done so already, accept the invite yahoo sent you. (Only applies to Sean G, apparently winners are slackers. Haha)
  3. On the black transparent menu bar, hover over My Team and select Choose Keepers.
    1. Or if you are already on your team page select Keepers in the gray menu bar.
  4. Select up to three keepers. Make sure you follow the rules posted on that page. Yahoo will not enforce the rules. I have to confirm the selections.

If you have any questions just email me, text me or leave a comment below.


2015 Draft Lottery and Draft Date

2015 Draft Lottery

Today I conducted the draft lottery along with Jonathan DiRocco (DiRoc) during our lunch. The results are listed below. The 1st and 2nd picks were up for grabs in the lottery and the remaining picks are based on last years standings. Legally Blonde won the 1st pick. They had a 28.57% chance to maintain the 1st pick. Hitmen won the 2nd pick. They only had a 9.52% chance of winning that pick. This year and all years following will be based on a straight draft, not serpentine, so Legally Blonde picks 1st every round and Hitmen pick 2nd every round and so on.
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Keeper Rules and Player Vaules

Edited 7/26/15 – Updated players current teams.

The deadline to declare your keepers is Friday, July 31st. After you lock in your team hover over “My Team” menu and select “choose keepers”. This will bring you to a page where you can select up to 3 keepers to keep. It will be finalized once I review that the keepers are valid based on the rules below. If you fail to declare your keepers by July 31st then all of your players will be returned to the pool to be drafted.
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The Game of Throws 2015 Season

It’s that time of year already. I hope everyone had a good off season.

There are a few things we need to do before the 2015 season starts such as conducting the draft lottery and declaring our keepers. But the first order of business is to find out if everyone is on board for this coming season.

Because this is a keeper league it is imperative that I lock in all the teams by Thursday, July 23rd.

Please let me know if you plan on joining the league or not. Again, the deadline to lock in your team is July 23rd. If I do not hear back from everyone by the 23rd then I will assume you will not be returning to the league. The reason for the deadline is to allow me enough time to find a replacement owner if I need to. Log into your Yahoo account and use the “join” link that was sent to you in your emails.

Also, I would love to hear from everyone. Let me know if there are any changes you may want to suggest. We could vote on any changes such as draft compensation for keeper players, scoring rules, roster lineups, entry fees, etc.

A couple of items I would like to put up for a vote:
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