2015 Draft Lottery and Draft Date

2015 Draft Lottery

Today I conducted the draft lottery along with Jonathan DiRocco (DiRoc) during our lunch. The results are listed below. The 1st and 2nd picks were up for grabs in the lottery and the remaining picks are based on last years standings. Legally Blonde won the 1st pick. They had a 28.57% chance to maintain the 1st pick. Hitmen won the 2nd pick. They only had a 9.52% chance of winning that pick. This year and all years following will be based on a straight draft, not serpentine, so Legally Blonde picks 1st every round and Hitmen pick 2nd every round and so on.

1st – Legally Blonde (28.57% – 12th place)
2nd – HITMEN (9.52% – 8th place)
3rd – The Sand Snakes (23.81% – 11th place)
4th – Crows Before Hoes (19.05% – 10th place)
5th – Mother of Dragons (14.29% – 9th place)
6th – HODOR! (4.76% – 7th place)
7th – The Bronx Zoo (6th place)
8th – Tyrion’s Tyrants (5th place)
9th  – Valar Funghulis (4th place)
10th – DiRoc (3rd place)
11th – Wizard of Roz (2nd place)
12th – T.D. Parker (1st place)

Draft Date

The draft date is going to be Monday, August 24th at 7:45 pm at Antonio and Maria’s place. (Same place as last year. Antonio and Maria’s sounds like an Italian restaurant). Date and time is subject to change if necessary. We are also going to start the clock in the first round that way we could move the draft along and finish it up in a reasonable time.

Don’t forget to set your keepers. You can set them up now and make changes up until the deadline which is July 31st at 12:01am (meaning get it done before that Friday) . This is a hard deadline, I can’t make an exception if you forget to set your players because the software locks them in. If you have a question on who you can keep and what it will cost please left me know.