Month: August 2016

Keepers 2

2016 Game of Throws Keeper Chart

All of the keepers have been reported and declared for the 2016 Season. The following keeper chart reflects what has been reported to the league. Please report any errors you may come across.

This year there were a total of 28 players that were kept. 18 of those players were kept for a 2nd year and 10 were kept for a 3rd year. Out of the 28 keepers, 16 were wide receivers, 7 were running backs, 4 were quarterbacks and 1 was a tight end (I’m guessing you could all guess who that was). 8 teams kept 3 players, 1 team kept 2 players, 2 teams kept 1 player and 1 team (Tyrion’s Tyrants) decided a clean slate was the way to go this year.

That’s it for our keeper stats. Download links should be available above the chart. Thank you for being prompt and good luck with the draft next week.

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