Month: June 2019

2019 Draft Lottery

As mentioned in the previous post, the 2019 Draft Lottery was conducted on June 21st. The 1st and 2nd picks were up for grabs in the lottery and the remaining picks are based on last years standings. The Waterboy, with a 19.05% odds of winning the 1st overall pick, won that 1st pick.  They jumped up 2 spots from 3rd to 1st. This is the 2nd time The Waterboy held the first pick in their franchise, the first being in 2016. Mother of Dragons won the 2nd pick, also jumping up three spots from 5th to 2nd. The results and remaining picks are listed in the table below. [Edited 8/13/19. The results were accurate with The Waterboy and Mother of Dragons winning the 1st and 2nd picks respectively but how much they jumped, the percentage and the final drafting order were corrected.]

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2019 Keeper Player Values

Welcome to year 6 in the Game of Throws league. Congratulations to Mat and the Manning Faced God on winning Iron Bowl V in his first year in the league. Congrats to Tom Brady on defying the god of death and congrats to Bran for winning a lump of melted swords.

The following is each team’s final roster from the 2018 season along with their draft value if you decide to keep that player for 2019. Their draft values are based on where they where drafted last year, regardless of who drafted them. If a player was undrafted then they are worth a 16th round pick. A player with a value of 0 can not be kept. The chart below is sortable on the website or you can use the search feature to find your team name and display only your team. You can also download or print the chart.

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