2015 Rule and League Changes

Thank you to those who voted on the rule and league changes. I figured I should post this before the keeper deadline this week. 8 people voted on the changes. The following was what we voted on:

  1. Change scoring setting to PPR or leave as Standard
  2. Up the league fee to $50 or leave it at $40
  3. Implement a trophy for the winner
  4. Keep the divisions the same or to shuffle the divisions every year.

Out of the 8 people who voted:

  1. 6 voted to change to PPR, 2 voted indifferent and 0 voted for standard
  2. 6 voted for $50 league fee, 2 voted indifferent and 0 voted to keep it at $40
  3. 5 voted yes to a trophy, 1 voted indifferent and 1 voted no
  4. 4 voted for the same divisions, 2 voted indifferent and 2 voted for shuffled divisions.

So obviously based on the votes above, we will change the scoring to PPR and to not overvalue the wide receivers tremendously, we will reduce the starting WR’s from 3 to 2 in the lineups. All other lineup and scoring settings will remain the same unless someone else has another idea.

The league fee will be $50 (plus draft fees) and will be divided out as follows.

  • League Champion receives $400
  • League Runner-Up receives $150
  • League Scoring Champion receives $50

The divisions will remain the same each year. We could revisit this rule in the future if we feel it is unfair.

I will also research a trophy and work out some of the numbers. One person voted for a perennial trophy and no one else gave their opinions. They are typically more expensive but we only have to buy it once. If anyone has a good site for trophies let me know. I found a few during my initial research but I’m not sold on an yet. I’ll look at the options for perennial and yearly and see what works best financially (It’s not going to be a big trophy). I also thought about a ring instead of a trophy but I couldn’t find any good ones that were affordable.

Thanks everyone.