The Game of Throws 2015 Season

It’s that time of year already. I hope everyone had a good off season.

There are a few things we need to do before the 2015 season starts such as conducting the draft lottery and declaring our keepers. But the first order of business is to find out if everyone is on board for this coming season.

Because this is a keeper league it is imperative that I lock in all the teams by Thursday, July 23rd.

Please let me know if you plan on joining the league or not. Again, the deadline to lock in your team is July 23rd. If I do not hear back from everyone by the 23rd then I will assume you will not be returning to the league. The reason for the deadline is to allow me enough time to find a replacement owner if I need to. Log into your Yahoo account and use the “join” link that was sent to you in your emails.

Also, I would love to hear from everyone. Let me know if there are any changes you may want to suggest. We could vote on any changes such as draft compensation for keeper players, scoring rules, roster lineups, entry fees, etc.

A couple of items I would like to put up for a vote:

1) Change scoring rules to include PPR (points per reception). PPR is becoming the norm in fantasy football lately. Standard (non-ppr) is becoming not so standard anymore. If this change gets implemented, then some of the bonus scoring will get reduced so the scores are not ridiculous.

2) Entry Fee. The current entry fee is $40 + draft day fees. Let me know if you prefer to up this fee to $50 + fees. (Fees include food, draft board, etc. This may vary)

3) I was thinking maybe we should have a trophy. Prices vary between 40-75 bucks or more for a perpetual trophy.This could be a yearly fee (divided out by all owners) for a trophy you keep or it could be a one-time fee for a perpetual trophy (one that transfers to the new champion with a new plaque added each year, like the NHL Stanley Cup). If you vote Yes on a trophy let me know if you want to be apart of voting on the type of trophy or you can tell me you don’t care.

4) Minor vote: currently the rules state that the divisions stay intact year to year. If you prefer we could shuffle the divisions every year. Shuffling could makes it interesting but keeping it intact could create historical data and rivalries, aka more shit talk.
Important Dates:

Thursday, July 23rd – Deadline to lock your team in the 2015 season
Thursday, July 23rd – 2015 Draft Lottery
Friday, July 31st – Deadline to declare your keepers.
Sunday, August 9th – Hall of Fame Game
Thursday, August 13th – Start of Preseason
Monday, August 24th – 2015 Game of Throws Draft Day (Place: Same as last year)
Thursday, September 3rd – End of Preseason
Thursday, September 10th – Start of Season
Wednesday, September 9th – The League, Season 7 on FX (A must watch for anyone playing fantasy football. I ended up watching 5 seasons 2 years ago and was caught up last season. Hilarious)

Hope to hear from everyone soon,