Keepers 2

2021 Game of Throws Keeper Chart

All of the keepers have been reported and declared for the 2021 Season. The following keeper chart reflects what has been reported to the league. Please report any errors you may come across.

Download links should be available above the chart. Thank you for being prompt and good luck with the draft next week.

OverallRoundTeamPlayerPosition2021 Keeper
11.1Dolorous Tom
31.3Mother of Dragons
51.5Crows Before Hoes
61.6Manning Faced God
71.7King of the MF North
81.8Wizard of Roz
91.9Tyrion's Tyrants
101.10The Bronx Zoo
111.11Valar Funghulis
121.12The Waterboy
142.2Mother of Dragons
162.4Crows Before Hoes
172.5Dolorous Tom
182.6Manning Faced God
192.7King of the MF NorthKeenan AllenWRYes (3 yr)
202.8Wizard of Roz
212.9Tyrion's TyrantsD'Andre SwiftRBYes (3 yr)
222.10The Bronx Zoo
232.11Valar Funghulis
242.12The WaterboyStefon DiggsWRYes (3 yr)
263.2Mother of DragonsCooper KuppWRYes (1yr)
283.4Crows Before Hoes
293.5Dolorous TomDarren WallerTEYes (3 yr)
303.6Manning Faced God
313.7King of the MF North
323.8Wizard of Roz
333.9Tyrion's Tyrants
343.10The Bronx Zoo
353.11Valar Funghulis
363.12The WaterboyDavid MontgomeryRBYes (3 yr)
384.2Mother of Dragons
394.3HODOR!Chris CarsonRBYes (1yr)
404.4Crows Before Hoes
414.5Dolorous Tom
424.6Manning Faced God
434.7King of the MF North
444.8Wizard of Roz
454.9Tyrion's Tyrants
464.10The Bronx Zoo
474.11Valar Funghulis
484.12The Waterboy
505.2Mother of Dragons
525.4Crows Before Hoes
535.5Dolorous Tom
545.6Manning Faced God
555.7King of the MF North
565.8Wizard of Roz
575.9Tyrion's Tyrants
585.10The Bronx Zoo
595.11Valar Funghulis
605.12The Waterboy
626.2Mother of Dragons
646.4Crows Before Hoes
656.5Dolorous Tom
666.6Manning Faced GodJ.K. DobbinsRBYes (3 yr)
676.7King of the MF North
686.8Wizard of Roz
696.9Tyrion's Tyrants
706.10The Bronx ZooKareem HuntRBYes (2 yr)
716.11Valar Funghulis
726.12The Waterboy
747.2Mother of Dragons
757.3HODOR!CeeDee LambWRYes (3 yr)
767.4Crows Before Hoes
777.5Dolorous Tom
787.6Manning Faced God
797.7King of the MF North
807.8Wizard of RozNick ChubbRBYes (1yr)
817.9Tyrion's Tyrants
827.10The Bronx ZooAntonio GibsonRBYes (3 yr)
837.11Valar Funghulis
847.12The WaterboyTyler LockettWRYes (1yr)
868.2Mother of Dragons
888.4Crows Before Hoes
898.5Dolorous Tom
908.6Manning Faced GodPatrick MahomesQBYes (1yr)
918.7King of the MF North
928.8Wizard of Roz
938.9Tyrion's Tyrants
948.10The Bronx Zoo
958.11Valar Funghulis
968.12Tyrion's Tyrants (From WB)
989.2Mother of Dragons
1009.4Crows Before Hoes
1019.5Dolorous Tom
1029.6Manning Faced God
1039.7King of the MF North
1049.8Wizard of RozJustin JeffersonWRYes (3 yr)
1059.9Tyrion's Tyrants
1069.10The Bronx Zoo
1079.11Valar FunghulisDarrell Henderson Jr.RBYes (3 yr)
1089.12The Waterboy
11010.2Mother of Dragons
11210.4Crows Before HoesCurtis SamuelWRYes (3 yr)
11310.5Dolorous TomBrandon AiyukWRYes (3 yr)
11410.6Manning Faced God
11510.7King of the MF North
11610.8Wizard of Roz
11710.9Tyrion's Tyrants
11810.10The Bronx ZooMike GesickiTEYes (3 yr)
11910.11Valar FunghulisJosh AllenQBYes (3 yr)
12010.12The Waterboy
12111.1DiRocAustin EkelerRBYes (1yr)
12211.2Mother of Dragons
12311.3HODOR!Kyler MurrayQBYes (2 yr)
12411.4Crows Before Hoes
12511.5Dolorous Tom
12611.6Manning Faced God
12711.7King of the MF North
12811.8Wizard of Roz
12911.9Tyrion's Tyrants
13011.10The Bronx Zoo
13111.11Valar FunghulisDK MetcalfWRYes (2 yr)
13211.12The Waterboy
13412.2Mother of Dragons
13612.4Crows Before Hoes
13712.5Dolorous Tom
13812.6Manning Faced God
13912.7King of the MF North
14012.8Wizard of Roz
14112.9Tyrion's Tyrants
14212.10The Bronx Zoo
14312.11Valar Funghulis
14412.12The Waterboy
14613.2Mother of Dragons
14813.4Crows Before Hoes
14913.5Dolorous Tom
15013.6Manning Faced God
15113.7King of the MF North
15213.8Wizard of Roz
15313.9Tyrion's Tyrants
15413.10The Bronx Zoo
15513.11Valar Funghulis
15613.12The Waterboy
15814.2Mother of Dragons
16014.4Crows Before HoesJames ConnerRBYes (1yr)
16114.5Dolorous Tom
16214.6Manning Faced God
16314.7King of the MF NorthLamar JacksonQBYes (1yr)
16414.8Wizard of Roz
16514.9Tyrion's TyrantsTerry McLaurinWRYes (2 yr)
16614.10The Bronx Zoo
16714.11Valar Funghulis
16814.12The Waterboy
17015.2Mother of Dragons
17215.4Crows Before Hoes
17315.5Dolorous TomA.J. BrownWRYes (2 yr)
17415.6Manning Faced God
17515.7King of the MF North
17615.8Wizard of Roz
17715.9Tyrion's TyrantsMyles GaskinRBYes (3 yr)
17815.10The Bronx Zoo
17915.11Valar Funghulis
18015.12The Waterboy
18216.2Mother of DragonsMike DavisRBYes (3 yr)
18416.4Crows Before Hoes
18516.5Dolorous Tom
18616.6Manning Faced GodJustin HerbertQBYes (3 yr)
18716.7King of the MF NorthCorey DavisWRYes (3 yr)
18816.8Wizard of RozJames RobinsonRBYes (3 yr)
18916.9The Waterboy (From TT)
19016.10The Bronx Zoo
19116.11Valar Funghulis
19216.12The Waterboy
19417.2Mother of Dragons
19617.4Crows Before Hoes
19717.5Dolorous Tom
19817.6Manning Faced God
19917.7King of the MF North
20017.8Wizard of Roz
20117.9Tyrion's Tyrants
20217.10The Bronx Zoo
20317.11Valar Funghulis
20417.12The Waterboy
20618.2Mother of Dragons
20818.4Crows Before Hoes
20918.5Dolorous Tom
21018.6Manning Faced God
21118.7King of the MF North
21218.8Wizard of Roz
21318.9Tyrion's Tyrants
21418.10The Bronx Zoo
21518.11Valar Funghulis
21618.12The Waterboy