2014 Champion Trophy Presentation

Congratulations Sean on leading T.D. Parker to the 2014 Game of Throws League Championship.

Sean’s T.D. Parker defeated Chris’s Wizard of Roz 139.75 to 99.45 in the 2014 Game of Throws Final. T.D. Parker finished the regular season with a 7-6 record (3rd) and 1,500.80 points for (2nd).

Wizard of Roz finished the regular season with a 9-4 record (2nd) and 1,496.95 points for (3rd).

The scoring champion was awarded to DiRoc who finished the regular season with a 11-2 record (1st) and 1,549.75 points for (1st). Despite having the best record and most points, DiRoc was knocked out of the semifinals by T.D. Parker by a score of 152.40 to 104.40.

Wizard of Roz defeated Valar Funghulis in the semifinals by a score of  121.85 to 98.20 to advance to the finals.

The Bronx Zoo and Tyrion’s Tyrants both fell to T.D. Parker and Valar Funghulis respectively in the quarterfinals. Tyrion’s Tyrants went on to defeat The Bronx Zoo 94.65 to 56.65 in the 5th Place game.

The Bronx Zoo had the highest scoring game in week 10 defeating T.D. Parker 190.00 to 122.30.

T.D. Parker had payback against The Bronx Zoo with the highest post season score in the quarterfinals with a score of 206.45 to 37.75. The Bronx Zoo’s score of 37.75 is a record for lowest score in the post season. Valar Funghulis holds the record for lowest score in the regular season with a 102.75 to 38.40 loss to T.D. Parker in week 3.

The Consolation bracket awarded HODOR! with 7th place, HITMEN with 8th, Mother of Dragons with 9th, Crows Before Hoes with 10th, The Sand Snakes with 11th and the Tywin Lannister Toilet Bowl* goes to Legally Blonde for finishing in 12th place. Sorry Danielle.

* Game of Thrones reference. See season 4 episode 10.

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