2016 Keeper Player Values

The deadline to declare your keepers is going to be August 18th, 1 week before the draft day (August 25th). To declare your keepers go to the yahoo site, hover over “My Team” menu and select “choose keepers”. This will bring you to a page where you can select up to 3 players to keep. It will be finalized once I review that the keepers are valid based on the rules below. If you fail to declare your keepers by the deadline then all of your players will be returned to the pool to be drafted.

The following is each team’s final roster for 2015 along with their draft value if you decide to keep that player. Each team should have 16 players from last year plus up to 2 injury reserved players if applicable. Their draft values are based on where they where drafted last year, regardless of who drafted them. If a player was undrafted and later picked up then they are worth a 16th round pick (last round of the draft).

You can find the keeper rules here!

2016 Value Chart

RoundTeamPlayerPositionValue2015 Keeper
1Crows Before HoesCalvin JohnsonWR1
2Crows Before HoesT.Y. HiltonWR2
3Crows Before HoesLe'Veon BellRB2Yes (2nd Yr)
4Crows Before HoesGreg OlsenTE4
6Crows Before HoesT.J. YeldonRB6
7Crows Before HoesJohn BrownWR7
10Crows Before HoesDeVante ParkerWR10
11Crows Before HoesDeAndre HopkinsWR10Yes (2nd Yr)
16Crows Before HoesJustin ForsettRB15Yes (2nd Yr)
FACrows Before HoesBrandon BoldenRB16
FACrows Before HoesBrandon McManusK16
FACrows Before HoesBryce BrownRB16
FACrows Before HoesCharcandrick WestRB16
FACrows Before HoesDenverDEF16
FACrows Before HoesDerek CarrQB16
FACrows Before HoesKirk CousinsQB16
FACrows Before HoesRonnie HillmanRB16
FACrows Before HoesZach MillerTE16
1DiRocA.J. GreenWR1
2DiRocC.J. SpillerRB2
3DiRocAntonio BrownWR2Yes (2nd Yr)
4DiRocRussell WilsonQB3Yes (2nd Yr)
5DiRocVincent JacksonWR5
7DiRocAllen RobinsonWR7
8DiRocChris IvoryRB8
10DiRocRueben RandleWR10
11DiRocMason CrosbyPK11
12DiRocHeath MillerTE12
12DiRocLos AngelesDEF12
13DiRocCharles ClayTE13
15DiRocAndy DaltonWB15
16DiRocC.J. AndersonRB15Yes (2nd Yr)
FADiRocChris JohnsonRB16
FADiRocJavorius AllenRB16
FADiRocStefon DiggsWR16
1HITMENAdrian PetersonRB1
2HITMENDez BryantWR1Yes (2nd Yr)
3HITMENAlshon JefferyWR2Yes (2nd Yr)
5HITMENMartellus BennettTE5
7HITMENBrandin CooksWR6Yes (2nd Yr)
9HITMENShane VereenRB9
10HITMENAdam VinatieriPK10
10HITMENAustin Seferian-JenkinsTE10
11HITMENPhilip RiversQB11
13HITMENDarren SprolesRB13
14HITMENEric EbronTE14
15HITMENAllen HurnsWR15
1HODOR!Matt ForteRB1
2HODOR!Drew BreesQB2
3HODOR!Julian EdelmanWR3
4HODOR!Brandon MarshallWR4
5HODOR!LeGarrette BlountRB5
6HODOR!Anquan BoldinWR6
9HODOR!Kyle RudolphTE9
10HODOR!Antonio GatesTE10
11HODOR!Doug BaldwinWR11
14HODOR!Terrence WilliamsWR14
FAHODOR!David JohnsonRB16
FAHODOR!Dexter McClusterRB16
FAHODOR!Graham GanoPK16
FAHODOR!Nate WashingtonWR16
FAHODOR!Ryan FitzpatrickQB16
1The WaterboyAaron RodgersQB0Yes (2nd Yr)
2The WaterboyJimmy GrahamTE2
3The WaterboyCarlos HydeRB3
4The WaterboyJeremy MaclinWR4
5The WaterboyJonathan StewartRB5
6The WaterboyMarques ColstonWR6
7The WaterboyLarry FitzgeraldWR7
9The WaterboyPierre GarconWR9
10The WaterboyMichael CrabtreeWR10
11The WaterboyBishop SankeyRB11
12The WaterboyLarry DonnellTE12
14The WaterboyCharles SimsRB14
15The WaterboyCincinnatiDEF15
16The WaterboyKnile DavisRB16
FAThe WaterboyCaleb SturgisPK16
FAThe WaterboyJacob TammeTE16
1Mother of DragonsDemaryius ThomasWR0Yes (2nd Yr)
2Mother of DragonsArian FosterRB1Yes (2nd Yr)
3Mother of DragonsRandall CobbWR2Yes (2nd Yr)
4Mother of DragonsAndre EllingtonRB4
5Mother of DragonsJason WittenTE5
6Mother of DragonsEli ManningQB6
7Mother of DragonsEric DeckerWR7
8Mother of DragonsDanny WoodheadRB8
9Mother of DragonsStephen GostkowskiPK9
12Mother of DragonsGreen BayDEF12
13Mother of DragonsJordan ReedTE13
14Mother of DragonsJames StarksRB14
FAMother of DragonsChris HoganWR16
FAMother of DragonsDallasDEF16
FAMother of DragonsDarrius Heyward-BeyWR16
FAMother of DragonsTed Ginn Jr.WR16
FAMother of DragonsTyrod TaylorQB16
1T.D. ParkerLeSean McCoyRB1
2T.D. ParkerDeMarco MurrayRB1Yes (2nd Yr)
4T.D. ParkerRob GronkowskiTE3Yes (2nd Yr)
5T.D. ParkerCam NewtonQB5
6T.D. ParkerJulius ThomasTE6
9T.D. ParkerSteven HauschkaPK9
12T.D. ParkerDuke JohnsonRB12
15T.D. ParkerOdell Beckham Jr.WR14Yes (2nd Yr)
16T.D. ParkerKelvin BenjaminWR16
FAT.D. ParkerBilal PowellRB16
FAT.D. ParkerBlake BortlesQB16
FAT.D. ParkerCarolinaDEF16
FAT.D. ParkerDenard RobinsonRB16
FAT.D. ParkerDion LewisRB16
FAT.D. ParkerDorial Green-BeckhamWR16
FAT.D. ParkerJames WhiteRB16
FAT.D. ParkerKamar AikenWR16
FAT.D. ParkerTravis BenjaminWR16
2The Bronx ZooFrank GoreRB2
3The Bronx ZooDavante AdamsWR3
5The Bronx ZooAmari CooperWR5
6The Bronx ZooTodd GurleyRB6
7The Bronx ZooSeattleDEF7
11The Bronx ZooCarson PalmerQB11
12The Bronx ZooMark IngramRB11Yes (2nd Yr)
12The Bronx ZooAlfred BlueRB12
13The Bronx ZooJay CutlerQB13
13The Bronx ZooVernon DavisTE13
15The Bronx ZooMarvin JonesWR15
FAThe Bronx ZooBenjamin WatsonTE16
FAThe Bronx ZooChandler CatanzaroK16
FAThe Bronx ZooDonte MoncriefWR16
FAThe Bronx ZooJeremy LangfordRB16
FAThe Bronx ZooRishard MatthewsWR16
1The Sand SnakesJamall CharlesRB1
3The Sand SnakesMelvin GordonRB3
4The Sand SnakesTravis KelceTE4
5The Sand SnakesJarvis LandryWR5
6The Sand SnakesRyan TannehillQB6
7The Sand SnakesSammy WatkinsWR6Yes (2nd Yr)
8The Sand SnakesBrandon LafellWR8
11The Sand SnakesRyan MathewsRB11
13The Sand SnakesDarren McFaddenRB13
13The Sand SnakesJameis WinstonQB13
16The Sand SnakesJordy NelsonWR16
FAThe Sand SnakesBrock OsweilerQB16
FAThe Sand SnakesDan CarpenterPK16
FAThe Sand SnakesDeAngelo WilliamsRB16
FAThe Sand SnakesMinnesotaDEF16
FAThe Sand SnakesSpencer WareRB16
FAThe Sand SnakesTavon AustinWR16
FAThe Sand SnakesWillie SneadWR16
1Tyrion's TyrantsMarshawn LynchRB0Yes (2nd Yr)
2Tyrion's TyrantsKeenan AllenWR2
3Tyrion's TyrantsAndrew LuckQB2Yes (2nd Yr)
4Tyrion's TyrantsGiovani BernardRB4
5Tyrion's TyrantsDeSean JacksonWR5
7Tyrion's TyrantsKendall WrightWR7
9Tyrion's TyrantsMichael FloydWR9
10Tyrion's TyrantsCecil ShortsWR10
11Tyrion's TyrantsMarcus MariotaQB11
13Tyrion's TyrantsTeddy BridgewaterQB13
15Tyrion's TyrantsPittsburghDEF15
FATyrion's TyrantsCairo SantosPK16
FATyrion's TyrantsGary BarnidgeTE16
FATyrion's TyrantsRobert WoodsWR16
FATyrion's TyrantsShaun DraughnRB16
FATyrion's TyrantsTheo RiddickRB16
1Valar FunghulisJeremy HillRB1
2Valar FunghulisLamar MillerRB2
3Valar FunghulisJordan MatthewsWR3
4Valar FunghulisJordan CameronTE4
5Valar FunghulisGolden TateWR5
6Valar FunghulisZach ErtzTE6
7Valar FunghulisDevonta FreemanRB7
9Valar FunghulisDevin FunchessWR9
9Valar FunghulisTom BradyQB9
10Valar FunghulisMike EvansWR9Yes (2nd Yr)
12Valar FunghulisJustin TuckerPK12
13Valar FunghulisNew EnglandDEF13
14Valar FunghulisBen RoethlisbergerQB13Yes (2nd Yr)
FAValar FunghulisAlex SmithQB16
FAValar FunghulisBrandon ColemanWR16
FAValar FunghulisJames JonesWR16
1Wizard of RozEddie LacyRB1
2Wizard of RozJulio JonesWR1Yes (2nd Yr)
3Wizard of RozLatavius MurrayRB3
4Wizard of RozMartavis BryantWR4
6Wizard of RozDelanie WalkerTE6
6Wizard of RozDoug MartinRB6
7Wizard of RozEmmanuel SandersWR6Yes (2nd Yr)
8Wizard of RozMatthew StaffordQB8
9Wizard of RozTyler EifertTE9
11Wizard of RozChristine MichaelRB11
15Wizard of RozKansas CityDEF15
FAWizard of RozChris BoswellPK16
FAWizard of RozKarlos WilliamsRB16
FAWizard of RozMarkus WheatonWR16
FAWizard of RozTim HightowerRB16
FAWizard of RozTyler LockettWR16