Keepers 2

2019 Game of Throws Keeper Chart

All of the keepers have been reported and declared for the 2019 Season. The following keeper chart reflects what has been reported to the league. Please report any errors you may come across.

Download links should be available above the chart. Thank you for being prompt and good luck with the draft next week.

OverallRoundTeamPlayerPosition2019 Keeper
11.1The Waterboy
21.2Mother of Dragons
31.3Valar Funghulis
61.6Tyrion's TyrantsChristian McCaffreyRBYes (1 yr)
71.7Crows Before Hoes
81.8T.D. Parker
91.9The Bronx ZooTravis Kelce TEYes (1 yr)
101.10Wizard of Roz
111.11The Sand SnakesJulio Jones WRYes (1 yr)
121.12Manning Faced GodSaquon BarkleyRBYes (1 yr)
132.1The Waterboy
142.2Mother of Dragons
152.3Crows Before Hoes (from VF)
162.4HODOR!Drew BreesQBYes (2 yr)
182.6Tyrion's Tyrants
192.7Crows Before Hoes
202.8T.D. Parker
212.9The Bronx Zoo
222.10Wizard of Roz
232.11The Sand Snakes
242.12Manning Faced God
253.1The Waterboy
263.2Mother of Dragons
273.3Valar FunghulisTodd Gurley IIRBYes (1 yr)
303.6Tyrion's Tyrants
313.7Crows Before Hoes
323.8T.D. Parker
333.9The Bronx Zoo
343.10Wizard of Roz
353.11The Sand Snakes
363.12Manning Faced God
374.1The WaterboyMelvin Gordon IIIRBYes (2 yr)
384.2Mother of Dragons
394.3The Bronx Zoo (from VF)
424.6Tyrion's Tyrants
434.7Crows Before Hoes
444.8T.D. Parker
454.9The Bronx Zoo
464.10Wizard of Roz
474.11The Sand Snakes
484.12Manning Faced God
495.1The Waterboy
505.2Mother of DragonsCooper KuppWRYes (3 yr)
515.3Crows Before Hoes (from VF)
545.6Tyrion's Tyrants
555.7Crows Before Hoes
565.8T.D. Parker
575.9The Bronx Zoo
585.10Wizard of Roz
595.11The Sand Snakes
605.12Manning Faced God
616.1The Waterboy
626.2Mother of DragonsKerryon Johnson RBYes (3 yr)
636.3Valar Funghulis
646.4HODOR!Chris CarsonRBYes (3 yr)
656.5DiRocAdam Thielen WRYes (2 yr)
666.6Tyrion's Tyrants
676.7Valar Funghulis (from CBH)
686.8T.D. ParkerEvan EngramTEYes (3 yr)
696.9The Bronx Zoo
706.10Wizard of Roz
716.11The Sand Snakes
726.12Manning Faced GodZach Ertz TEYes (1 yr)
737.1The Waterboy
747.2Mother of DragonsDeAndre HopkinsWRYes (1 yr)
757.3Valar Funghulis
787.6Tyrion's Tyrants
797.7Crows Before Hoes
807.8T.D. ParkerStefon DiggsWRYes (1 yr)
817.9The Bronx Zoo
827.10Wizard of Roz
837.11The Sand Snakes
847.12Manning Faced God
858.1The Waterboy
868.2Mother of Dragons
878.3Valar Funghulis
908.6Tyrion's Tyrants
918.7Crows Before Hoes
928.8T.D. Parker
938.9The Bronx Zoo
948.10Wizard of Roz
958.11The Sand Snakes
968.12Manning Faced God
979.1The Waterboy
989.2Mother of Dragons
999.3Valar Funghulis
1029.6Tyrion's TyrantsTyler LockettWRYes (3 yr)
1039.7Crows Before HoesKenny GolladayWRYes (3 yr)
1049.8T.D. Parker
1059.9The Bronx Zoo
1069.10Wizard of RozNick ChubbRBYes (3 yr)
1079.11The Sand Snakes
1089.12Manning Faced God
10910.1The Waterboy
11010.2Mother of Dragons
11110.3Valar Funghulis
11310.5DiRocMichael Thomas WRYes (1 yr)
11410.6Tyrion's TyrantsMatt RyanQBYes (3 yr)
11510.7Crows Before Hoes
11610.8T.D. Parker
11710.9Valar Funghulis (from BZ)
11810.10Wizard of RozAlvin KamaraRBYes (1 yr)
11910.11The Sand Snakes
12010.12Manning Faced GodPatrick Mahomes QBYes (3 yr)
12111.1The WaterboyJames WhiteRBYes (3 yr)
12211.2Mother of Dragons
12311.3Valar Funghulis
12611.6Tyrion's Tyrants
12711.7Valar Funghulis (from CBH)
12811.8T.D. Parker
12911.9The Bronx Zoo
13011.10Wizard of Roz
13111.11The Sand Snakes
13211.12Manning Faced God
13312.1The Waterboy
13412.2Mother of Dragons
13512.3Valar FunghulisOdell Beckham Jr.WRYes (1 yr)
13812.6Tyrion's Tyrants
13912.7Crows Before Hoes
14012.8T.D. Parker
14112.9The Bronx Zoo
14212.10Wizard of Roz
14312.11The Sand Snakes
14412.12Manning Faced God
14513.1The Waterboy
14613.2Mother of Dragons
14713.3Valar Funghulis
14913.5DiRocAustin Ekeler RBYes (3 yr)
15013.6Tyrion's Tyrants
15113.7Crows Before Hoes
15213.8T.D. Parker
15313.9The Bronx Zoo
15413.10Wizard of RozDavante AdamsWRYes (1 yr)
15513.11The Sand Snakes
15613.12Manning Faced God
15714.1The Waterboy
15814.2Mother of Dragons
15914.3Valar Funghulis
16214.6Tyrion's Tyrants
16314.7Crows Before Hoes
16414.8T.D. Parker
16514.9The Bronx ZooMarlon MackRBYes (2 yr)
16614.10Wizard of Roz
16714.11The Sand SnakesTyreek Hill WRYes (1 yr)
16814.12Manning Faced God
16915.1The WaterboyJuJu Smith-SchusterWRYes (2 yr)
17015.2Mother of Dragons
17115.3Valar Funghulis
17415.6Tyrion's Tyrants
17515.7Crows Before HoesCurtis SamuelWRYes (3 yr)
17615.8T.D. Parker
17715.9The Bronx ZooKenyan Drake RBYes (2 yr)
17815.10Wizard of Roz
17915.11The Sand Snakes
18015.12Manning Faced God
18116.1The Waterboy
18216.2Mother of Dragons
18316.3Valar FunghulisPhillip LindsayRBYes (3 yr)
18416.4HODOR!Zay JonesWRYes (3 yr)
18616.6Tyrion's Tyrants
18716.7Crows Before HoesJames ConnerRBYes (3 yr)
18816.8T.D. ParkerLamar JacksonQBYes (3 yr)
18916.9The Bronx Zoo
19016.10Wizard of Roz
19116.11The Sand SnakesDamien WilliamsRBYes (3 yr)
19216.12Manning Faced God