Keepers 2

2020 Game of Throws Keeper Chart

All of the keepers have been reported and declared for the 2020 Season. The following keeper chart reflects what has been reported to the league. Please report any errors you may come across.

Download links should be available above the chart. Thank you for being prompt and good luck with the draft next week.

OverallRoundTeamPlayerPosition2020 Keeper
11.1Manning Faced God
21.2Valar Funghulis
31.3The Sand Snakes
41.4The Bronx Zoo
61.6T.D. ParkerDerrick HenryRBYes (1 yr)
71.7Crows Before Hoes
81.8Wizard of RozEzekiel ElliottRBYes (1yr)
101.10Tyrion's Tyrants
111.11Mother of DragonsChristian McCaffreyRBYes (1yr)
121.12The Waterboy
132.1Manning Faced God
142.2Valar Funghulis
152.3The Sand Snakes
162.4The Bronx Zoo
182.6T.D. Parker
192.7Crows Before Hoes
202.8Wizard of Roz
222.10Tyrion's Tyrants
232.11Mother of Dragons
242.12The Waterboy
253.1Manning Faced God
263.2Valar Funghulis
273.3The Sand SnakesMiles SandersRBYes (3 yr)
283.4The Bronx Zoo
303.6T.D. Parker
313.7Crows Before Hoes
323.8Wizard of Roz
333.9DiRocChris GodwinWRYes (3 yr)
343.10Tyrion's Tyrants
353.11Mother of Dragons
363.12The Waterboy
374.1Manning Faced God
384.2Valar FunghulisMelvin Gordon IIIRBYes (1yr)
394.3The Sand Snakes
404.4The Bronx Zoo
424.6T.D. Parker
434.7Wizard of Roz (from CBH)
444.8Wizard of Roz
464.10Tyrion's Tyrants
474.11Mother of DragonsCooper KuppWRYes (2 yr)
484.12The Waterboy
495.1Manning Faced God
505.2Valar Funghulis
515.3The Sand Snakes
525.4The Bronx Zoo
535.5HODOR!Chris CarsonRBYes (2 yr)
545.6T.D. ParkerEvan EngramTEYes (2 yr)
555.7Crows Before Hoes
565.8Wizard of Roz
585.10Tyrion's Tyrants
595.11Mother of DragonsKerryon JohnsonRBYes (2 yr)
605.12The Waterboy
616.1Manning Faced God
626.2The Waterboy (from VF)
636.3The Sand Snakes
646.4The Bronx Zoo
666.6T.D. Parker
676.7Crows Before Hoes
686.8Wizard of Roz
706.10Tyrion's TyrantsDeAndre HopkinsWRYes (1yr)
716.11Mother of Dragons
726.12The Waterboy
737.1Manning Faced God
747.2Valar Funghulis
757.3The Sand Snakes
767.4The Bronx ZooKareem HuntRBYes (3 yr)
787.6T.D. Parker
797.7Crows Before Hoes
807.8Wizard of RozDevin SingletaryRBYes (3 yr)
827.10The Waterboy (from TT)
837.11Mother of Dragons
847.12The Waterboy
858.1Wizard of Roz (from MFG)
868.2Valar Funghulis
878.3The Sand Snakes
888.4The Bronx Zoo
908.6T.D. Parker
918.7Crows Before HoesKenny GolladayWRYes (2 yr)
928.8Wizard of RozNick ChubbRBYes (2 yr)
948.10Tyrion's TyrantsTyler LockettWRYes (2 yr)
958.11Mother of Dragons
968.12The Waterboy
979.1Manning Faced GodPatrick MahomesQBYes (2 yr)
989.2Valar Funghulis
999.3The Sand Snakes
1009.4The Bronx Zoo
1029.6T.D. Parker
1039.7Crows Before Hoes
1049.8Wizard of Roz
1069.10Tyrion's Tyrants
1079.11Mother of Dragons
1089.12The Waterboy
10910.1Manning Faced God
11010.2Valar Funghulis
11110.3The Sand SnakesMichael ThomasWRYes (1yr)
11210.4The Bronx Zoo
11410.6T.D. Parker
11510.7Crows Before Hoes
11610.8Wizard of Roz
11810.10Tyrion's Tyrants
11910.11Mother of Dragons
12010.12The WaterboyAlvin KamaraRBYes (1yr)
12111.1Manning Faced God
12211.2Valar Funghulis
12311.3The Sand Snakes
12411.4The Bronx Zoo
12511.5HODOR!Kyler MurrayQBYes (3 yr)
12611.6T.D. Parker
12711.7Crows Before Hoes
12811.8Wizard of Roz
13011.10Tyrion's Tyrants
13111.11Mother of Dragons
13211.12The Waterboy
13312.1Manning Faced GodMark AndrewsTEYes (3 yr)
13412.2Valar FunghulisDK MetcalfWRYes (3 yr)
13512.3The Sand Snakes
13612.4The Bronx Zoo
13812.6T.D. Parker
13912.7Crows Before Hoes
14012.8Wizard of Roz
14112.9DiRocAustin EkelerRBYes (2 yr)
14212.10Tyrion's Tyrants
14312.11Mother of Dragons
14412.12The WaterboyOdell Beckham JrWRYes (1yr)
14513.1Manning Faced God
14613.2Valar Funghulis
14713.3The Sand Snakes
14813.4The Bronx Zoo
15013.6T.D. Parker
15113.7Crows Before HoesDavante AdamsWRYes (1yr)
15213.8Wizard of Roz
15413.10Tyrion's Tyrants
15513.11Mother of Dragons
15613.12The Waterboy
15714.1Manning Faced God
15814.2Valar Funghulis
15914.3The Sand Snakes
16014.4The Bronx ZooKenyan DrakeRBYes (1 yr)
16214.6T.D. Parker
16314.7Crows Before Hoes
16414.8Wizard of Roz
16514.9DiRocTyreek HillWRYes (1yr)
16614.10Tyrion's Tyrants
16714.11Mother of Dragons
16814.12The WaterboyJuJu Smith-SchusterWRYes (1 yr)
16915.1Manning Faced God
17015.2Valar Funghulis
17115.3The Sand Snakes
17215.4The Bronx Zoo
17415.6T.D. ParkerLamar JacksonQBYes (2 yr)
17515.7Crows Before HoesJames ConnerRBYes (2 yr)
17615.8Manning Faced God (from WR)
17815.10Tyrion's Tyrants
17915.11Mother of Dragons
18015.12Valar Funghulis (from WB)
18116.1Manning Faced GodDarius SlaytonWRYes (3 yr)
18216.2Valar Funghulis
18316.3The Sand SnakesA.J. BrownWRYes (3 yr)
18416.4The Bronx Zoo
18516.5HODOR!DJ Chark Jr.WRYes (3 yr)
18616.6T.D. Parker
18716.7Crows Before Hoes
18816.8Crows Before Hoes (from WR)
19016.10Tyrion's TyrantsTerry McLaurinWRYes (3 yr)
19116.11Mother of Dragons
19216.12Tyrion's Tyrants (from WB)